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Empowering Event Spaces

Revolutionizing the way event venues manage their operations. 

Streamline Your Venue Management

Our software is a comprehensive solution tailored for event locations. It simplifies client interactions, ensuring that every event is managed seamlessly. By integrating our system, venues can handle client requirements more effectively, leading to increased satisfaction and repeat business.

Automated Quotes and Reservations

Efficiency is key in event management, and our software excels in this area. It automates the creation of quotes and reservations, saving time and reducing errors. This feature allows venues to respond quickly to client inquiries, boosting productivity and enhancing service quality.

Widget Integration for Your Website

To further streamline the quoting process, our software includes a customizable widget that can be easily integrated into your website. This tool enables clients to receive automatic quotes, fostering a user-friendly experience and empowering them to make informed decisions about their events.



Create your company account with your locations


Populate it with your contacts, prices and options


Export our smart widget for your website


Let your customers access your venues in Real Time


CJ Venues is an innovative software solution designed for event venues. It helps in managing clients, automating the creation of quotes and reservations, and includes a widget for websites to provide instant quotes to customers.

Our automated quoting system uses the details provided by the client about their event (like date, number of guests, specific requirements) to generate a customized quote instantly, reducing the need for manual calculations and responses.

Beta Feature: Yes, our software comes with a versatile widget that can be easily integrated into any website. This allows your clients to receive instant quotes directly from your website, enhancing their user experience.

Absolutely! We understand that each venue is unique. Our software is highly customizable to cater to the specific needs of different types of event locations, whether it’s a hotel, banquet hall, or a conference center.

Our software provides a centralized platform to manage all client interactions and event details, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. This improves communication, efficiency, and overall client satisfaction.

We offer comprehensive support including onboarding, regular updates, and a dedicated customer service team to assist with any queries or issues.

Yes, our software is designed to efficiently manage multiple events at the same time, keeping each event’s details organized and accessible.

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